The CEO of Invest Macedonia, Vullnet Ademi and Deputy CEO Sami Rushidi had a meeting with the Deputy CEO of the InvestBulgaria Agency, Ms. Madzide Aleksova, and their other representatives. It was discussed about increasing the economic cooperation between countries, connecting the Macedonian and Bulgarian companies, the conditions for starting and doing a business, interest in various projects, as well as increasing the trade exchange between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

17.01.2019 2

It was emphasized that Macedonia is an important economic partner of Bulgaria, given the advantages of the Macedonian market for the Bulgarian companies, primarily in the part of low transport costs.We expect our EU membership commitments to cause greater interest in starting and doing a business and increased trade, not only for Bulgarian companies, but also for companies of all EU Member States.The meeting was held after the Macedonian-Bulgarian business forum in Skopje, who was attended by over 50 companies from Bulgaria and a large number of representatives of Macedonian companies.

This Business Forum is the first event after the signing of the Agreement for Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation between Macedonia and Bulgaria in 2017.

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Eaton Vance Management sees the Republic of Macedonia as one of the most attractive investments in central and eastern Europe, with the former Yugoslav state on track to integrate more with the European Union, Bloomberg reports.


Macedonia is  ranked on 10th, ahead of all other countries in the region, based on the average of each economy’s ease of doing business scores for the ten topics included in the aggregate ranking. Macedonia also ranked 7th in terms of protecting minority investors.
In comparison, Slovenia is ranked 40th, Kosovo 44th, Serbia 48th, Montenegro 50th, Croatia 58th, Bulgaria 59th, Albania 63rd, Greece 72nd, and Bosnia and Herzegovina 89th.

The CEO of Invest Macedonia, Mr. Vullnet Ademi visited the fair for the world's most influential companies in the media, entertainment and technology industry which was held from 14th to 18th September in Amsterdam , Netherlands.

19.09.2018 1

Over 1700 participants from the field of media, entertainment and technology industries took part at the Fair, providing the perfect platform for connecting and building connections between suppliers and customers, to discover the latest trends and technologies, as well as to create innovations and development strategies.

It was visited by over 57,000 visitors, including representatives from the world's most influential media, from over 170 countries through the presence of start-up companies to the top C-Level executives with presentations and briefings on the future of technology and research from leading research and development laboratories.

19.09.2018 2

The IBC exhibition provides high quality, specially designed presentation that helps visitors quickly and effectively expand their knowledge and understanding of the latest trends, strategies and development of online media, TV and video.

The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion organized a national stand for the Macedonian textile companies to present the investment potentials of the domestic textile industry at the Munich Apparel Source clothing fair, held from 4 to 6 September in Munich, Germany.
Munich 2018 1
"Macedonia has great potentials in the field of textile industry that we need to present to foreign investors. According to our Plan for activities and the proposal of the business community, Invest Macedonia organizes the presentation of Macedonia as a destination for investments in the textile industry, but also helps connect businesses, thus opening opportunities for new investments and new employments. The Munich Apparel Source fair connects European brands and merchants with clothing manufacturers that maintain high standards in production quality, "said Vullnet Ademi, the CEO of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion.
Six domestic textile companies - Eurosolid, Astibo Fashion Group, Kuli, Metas and Albatross - presented their products at the national stand.
At the fair in Munich, around 200 international companies in the textile and fashion industry presented product portfolio and production services related to Cut-Make-Trim (CMT) solutions, high quality production and a complete package of services.
The participation of the textile companies at the fair was also supported by the Swiss Export Support Program (SIPPO) and the Textile Cluster of the Republic of Macedonia.
Munich 2018 2

The director of Invest Macedonia, Mr. Vulnet Ademi visited the national stand of the Republic of Macedonia at the Agriculture and Food Fair, AGRA 2018, which was held for 56th time in Gornja Radgona, Republic of Slovenia. 

The Agency took an active part in the Macedonian-Slovenian business forum where the potentials and opportunities for investments in the agribusiness sector were presented. In the second part of the forum, B2B meetings were organized between Macedonian and Slovenian companies. 

At this year's edition of AGRA 2018, Macedonia as a partner country, presented its agriculture potential with 27 companies that promoted organic products, processed fruits and vegetables and wines. 

The National Stand was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Macedonia and was actively supported by Invest Macedonia, the Agency for Promotion and Support of the Tourism of Republic of Macedonia represented by its director Mr.Lupco Janevski, chambers of commerce and industry specific associations. 


Vullnet Ademi Sllovenia

The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with Magnum Consulting Limited announces the new foreign investment Caffe di Artisan in Macedonia. Caffe di Artisan, a company that is implementing the biggest innovation in the coffee industry, entered Macedonia and chose Kumanovo as the best destination for opening its own factory. The company's basic product is the production of liquid coffee in capsules with a patented manufacturing method. With a total planned investment of €3M, the company's project will be realized in three phases and the plant will employ about 100 people by the end of the third phase.

Mr. Shankar Sharma, investor and owner of the company said: As part of our development plans, Caffe di Artisan has explored several destinations for investing in the region, but we chose Macedonia as the best location for our production, primarily because of the highly skilled workforce, excellent English language skills, as well as excellent conditions for starting and doing a business. The high professional support, advice and consulting we received from InvestMacedonia's teams and Magnum Consulting Limited greatly facilitated the entire process until the final decision on investment and execution of the project.

The company began operating in 2016 by opening its first factory in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and later launching its products in the UK and the United States in 2018 in 2017. The company's products are sold in USA, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.


Владата на Република Македонија е посветена на економскиот раст и развој во земјата. Во таа насока креирани се мерки за поддршка на стопанството, именувани како „План за економски раст“, поделени во три столба, чија главна цел е да се поттикнат инвестициите, технолошкиот развој и да се подигне конкурентноста на македонските компании.

Првите два столба од Планот, се спроведуваат преку Законот за финансиска поддршка на инвестиции, усвоен од Собранието на Република Македонија во мај 2018 година, додека мерките од третиот столб се спроведуваат преку имплементација на Среднорочната програма за поддршка на мали и средни претпријатија на Фондот за иновации и технолошки развој, со што се овозможува практична реализација на мерките од Планот за економски раст.

Во продолжение можете да ја преземете презентацијата во која се прикажани сите мерки од Планот за економски раст, на македонски и англиски јазик, Законот за финансиска поддршка на инвестициите на македонски и албански јазик, Правилниците за доделување и исплата на финансиска поддршка, како и среднорочната програма за поддршка на мали и средни претпријатија на Фондот за иновации и технолошки развој.

1. Презентација на мерките од Планот за економски раст на македонски јазик

2. Презентација на мерките од Планот за економски раст на англиски јазик;

3. Закон за финансиска поддршка на инвестициите на македонски jaзик;

4. Закон за финансиска поддршка на инвестициите на албански jaзик

Постапка за ДОДЕЛУВАЊЕ на финансиска поддршка

Надлежни органи за спроведување на постапката за доделување на финансиска поддршка се:

  • ДТИРЗ - Дирекцијата за технолошки индустриски развојни зони (За инвестициски проекти во технолошко индустриски развојни зони) и
  • АСИПИ - Агенцијата за странски инвестиции и промоција на извозот (За инвестициски проекти надвор од технолошко индустриски развојни зони).

Постапките се објаснети во правилниците во продолжение:

5. Правилник за доделување на финансиска поддршка

6. Правилник за исплата на финансиска поддршка

7. Барање за доделување финансиска поддршка АСИПИ

8. Барање за доделување финансиска поддршка ДТИРЗ

9. Модел - Писмо за намери

10. Модел - Деловен план


Постапка за ИСПЛАТА на финансиска поддршка

Корисникот на финансиската поддршка кој склучил договор за финансиска поддршка и ги исполнил условите согласно Законот, доставува Барање за исплата на финансиската поддршка со потребната документација до надлежните органи ДТИРЗ или АСИПИ.

Надлежните органи за исплата (ДТИРЗ и АСИПИ) го разгледуваат Барањето за исплата на финансиската поддршка и откако ќе утврдат дека се исполнети условите за користење на финансиска поддршка предвидени во овој закон, ќе извршат исплата на износот кој му следува на корисникот не подоцна од 60 дена од денот на поднесување на комплетно барање за исплата.

11. Барање за исплата на финансиска поддршка

За проверка на исполнување на условите од Законот за финансиска поддршка на инвестиции како и проверка на  износот на очекувана државна помош  на реализирани или идни планирани инвестиции, може да се користи Калкулаторот на финансиска поддршка на инвестиции и конкурентност.

12. Калкулатор на финансиска поддршка на инвестиции и конкурентност

12. Калкулатор на финансиска поддршка на инвестиции и конкурентност

13. Среднорочна програма на Фондот за иновации и технолошки развој за период 2018-2020


АСИПИ- Агенција за странски инвестиции и промоција на извозот на Република Македонија,

Ул. „Никола Вапцаров“ бр. 7,1000 ,Скопје

 Контакт тел:

+389 2 3169 100

+389 2 3100 111

The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, within its activities in the field of export promotion, organizes a national stand for the Macedonian ICT companies at the Fair ANGACOM - Exhibition and Conference in Cologne, Germany.       

The CEO of Invest Macedonia, Vullnet Ademi together with the representatives from the Agency had contacts with a number of companies that issued announcements of visiting the country, among which is also a Swiss company which is in the final phase of negotiations for decision making for investment.        

vullnet 1

During the event a several domestic companies held B2B meetings with potential business partners from other countries where business cooperation opportunities were discussed.        

This fair event is another opportunity for Invest Macedonia to support the domestic companies from the ICT industry and promoting the favorable business climate for potential investors as well as the growth and development of the ICT sector in Macedonia.

ANGACOM is a leading business platform for software companies, as well as telecommunication companies with more than 500 companies’ exhibitors from 40 different countries and during it will have over 19,000 visitors from 80 different countries, as well as 2300 participants on conference program.

vullnet 2