The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, represented by the CEO of Vullnet Ademi, representatives of ASIPIRM and 6 domestic companies from the Agribusiness sector and food processing industry, from 8 to 10 May, presented our country at the largest Agribusiness fair in Poznan, Poland - PolAgra. This fair has more than 900 exhibitors from 36 countries and is a great opportunity for foreign buyers to get acquainted with domestic companies for the purpose of making business deals and further cooperation.
The goal of the Agency with this program is not only to increase the value of exports generated by Macedonian companies, but also to partially change the structure of exports with its diversification, which can only come as a response to increased demand or entry in a larger market .

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"The presentation at PolAgra in 2018 is of great importance to Agrar Ko due to the opportunity to promote our products to Polish and also to foreign visitors. We hope to expand our presence on the market in this part of Europe and acquire new insights of the industrial trends and competition", Jasna Stoimirovska-Velichkov, Founder of Agrar Co.

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Part of the activities of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, in this direction, by the end of 2018 will be focused on promotion of the Macedonian products on the foreign markets, which will provide support for the increased volume of exports, profit for companies, and a larger foreign inflow for the state.

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Republic of Macedonia and Mexico have the potential to start co-operation and promote mutual investment opportunities.CEO of Invest Macedonia, Vullnet Ademi held a meeting with the Ambassador of Mexico H.E. Marco Antonio Garcia Blanco.

Mexican Ambassador congratulated the CEO of the Agency for foreign investment and export promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Vullnet Ademi for the new post and wished many successes in the ongoing work.


During the meeting was discussed the deepening of the economic cooperation between two countries, as well as the establishment of the contacts to increase the cooperation even at higher levels of interest of the two countries.

Also, the ambassador mentioned the possibility of investing Mexican companies in Macedonia and the placing of Macedonian products on the Mexican market.

At the end of the meeting, both sides expressed satisfaction and gratitude for continuing cooperation in the field of foreign investment, which would be finalized with the organization of the trade mission that will be held in Mexico.

Interview Dario Nikolovski, CEO 

How to create a success stories?

New foreign investment, new jobs, export promotion…

Our everyday efforts in this field are already giving results, certain projects have already been announced in the media, and the rest are in the negotiation phase. The process of attracting foreign direct investments in Macedonia has an upward trend. With the new economic policy in just a few months in the part of the economy and attracting investment, the Government has created many success stories. Currently, there are 19 companies with which the Government is in direct negotiations at the last stage, and with some of them we already have signed contracts.

In terms of export promotion, we plan to focus on domestic companies through creating conditions in which SMEs will increase their competitiveness and strengthen their role both on the internal and international market. In the long run, this will contribute to the steady growth of enterprises, opening new jobs, increasing their production and profit growth.

Our efforts will be in the direction, the privileges for foreign investors to be available for domestic companies. The business climate in the country will be improved through changes in the regulation, which will give domestic companies more opportunities for investment and growth.


We are working to create equal conditions for domestic and foreign investors. We will encourage them to develop and invest domestic companies as well. The size of the investment must not affect the conditions for investment, there must not be any privileged companies on this basis.

The conditions and the entire process of concluding the investment as well as the contracts will be made in a transparent way.

We will working on support for domestic export companies more and more in the process, from production to placing products on foreign markets. We plan serious changes and increasing the budgets for supporting domestic companies and producers.