The textile sector is an important part of the Macedonian manufacturing industry. It plays a crucial role on the economy and social well-being in numerous regions of Macedonia. According to the latest structural data available, in 2011 there were about 800 companies employing more than 40.000 people that are 35% of the industrial employment.

The Macedonian textile and clothing sector is one of the biggest players in the Macedonian economy regarding export.  It represents 17% of the total exports, with the amount of about €550 million. Main advantages of the textile and clothing industry of Macedonia are:

  • Good image of Macedonian producers, who have been present in the EU and US market for decades

  • High flexibility and readiness to adapt to the demands of foreign markets. Readiness to comply with changes that come as a result of new trends in the world, punctual execution worth agreed terms of delivery and readiness to adapt to shorter terms that come due to the product consumption cycles that become shorter

  • Exceptional relation between product quality and price

  • Good and modern equipment of the factories, following trends in developing textile machineries and production technologies

  • Relative closeness to EU markets and traditionally good transportation and logistics networks