The automotive sector in Macedonia is made up of two distinct segments: 

  1. The new Tier 1 companies, which account for 86% of total industry revenue; and 
  2. The small-and-medium-sized domestic firms, who are mainly aftermarket parts producers that export to neighboring countries, EU, Russia, Turkey and South Africa.

 Macedonia is a favorable location for aftermarket and OEM production and production of superstructures and conversations of commercial vehicles. Companies from Macedonia supply a range of products, such as: machined, forged, die cast and injection molded parts, tool and molds; safety, clutch and brake systems; electric components; embedded automotive software; exhaust components; production of commercial vehicles super-structures; commercial vehicle conversations; railway vehicles and components.

 Key advantages Macedonia offers in this segment include:

  • Proximity: At the crossroads of two major European transport corridors. Less than two-day delivery
  • Duty-free access to EU, Southeast Europe, Ukraine and Turkey
  • Costs Competitive Environment: Some of the lowest labor and utility costs within Europe.
  • Strong technical skill base: Tradition of technical applications. Large pool of ready and experienced workers and students in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and ICT, metallurgy and chemical engineering
  • Good track record: 80% of automotive production exported to world-class customers. ISO compliance amongst companies is widespread

Macedonia also offers a favorable investment climate for global automotive investors, with government support for automotive industry; physical infrastructure within free economic zones; tax; customs and other fiscal incentives, and macroeconomic stability. Johnson Matthey and Johnson Controls promise to be start of a growth of automotive investments in Macedonia.

More information on the Macedonian Automotive Industry is available in our brochure.

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