This is the process of developing buyers’ interest in foreign markets for Macedonian products or services. Typically, leads are developed through research and contact with potential buyers. This function will be conducted through the network of Invest Macedonia’s economic promoters who will be primarily responsible for:

  1. Identifying high level opportunities in the specific markets, 

  2. Generating customized contact list of potential interested buyers (“leads”, at request of Invest Macedonia HQ); and 

  3. Developing business meeting agendas for visiting Macedonian companies at the request of Invest Macedonia HQ). Invest Macedonia will lead the activity and coordinate the chambers and business associations who want to participate.

Benefits: There are many advantages of using economic promoters to generate the leads: 

  1. They are based in the target countries and therefore have the local knowledge that allows them to understand the interests and needs of the buyers; 

  2. With economic promoters generating lists of buyers contacts and assess interests, companies can cost effectively identify potential consumers without having to spend additional resources in travel for market intelligence; and

  3. As economic promoters ascertain local needs as well as the capabilities of Macedonian companies, they can more effectively match buyers with suppliers, thereby increasing likelihood of sales.