Business Development is a function for helping companies to generate leads that could potentially result in a sale. Within business development, Invest North Macedonia will provide the following types of services: trade fairs, trade missions, B2B meetings and lead generation.

Trade Fairs: Invest North Macedonia should first provide funding to export ready companies and export potential companies to participate in trade fairs. Export Ready companies should be active participants, and exhibit their goods and services. Export Potential companies should observe and learn about the processes so they can become active participants in future exhibitions. 

Benefits: Trade fairs are known for providing numerous benefits: 

Readiness Screening of Participants: All companies attending a trade fair need to share common basic criteria in order to participate, either as an exhibitor or an observant. Illustrative criteria include:

Trade Missions: Invest North Macedonia will organize outwards trade missions for export-ready companies. The exporters should be selected on strict criteria including: 

Benefits: Trade missions present several benefits to export-ready companies: 

B2B Meetings: Before trade missions are launched, Invest North Macedonia will leverage trade fairs and organize formal group B2B meetings between buyers and group of Macedonian exporters. During the B2B meetings buyers will be invited to hold seminars explaining target market requirements. Discussion will mainly relate to regulatory requirements, sales, product functionalities and performance. In addition, buyers in target markets would be invited to attend tailored demos and discuss and negotiate dales opportunities.