Welcome to Invest North Macedonia

 Vullnet Ademi


Dear Investor,

Thank you for taking time to consider North Macedonia as your business destination.

Invest North Macedonia - Agency for Foreign Investors and Export Promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia is an official Government investment and export promotion agency responsible for attracting foreign investments and supporting the export promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Our mission is to encourage and support new foreign direct investments to the country, establish and enhance business cooperation with local suppliers and promote the export potential of local companies to foreign markets.

We offer a dynamic structure ready to guide you throughout the decision–making process by providing professional and timely service. In order to meet potential investor’s needs we provide general and industry related information, arrange appropriate itineraries for companies’ business visits to North Macedonia, and closely collaborate with governmental authorities to enable fast start-up operations.

If a business requires finding suitable local partners, we will guide you through the process and make sure than an open exploratory dialogue will take place.

Our aftercare team will provide assistance by mediating on your behalf with local authorities and the Government to support your expansion or reinvestment plans, provide assistance in obtaining required permits and be at your disposal to ensure continued success of your business venture in North Macedonia.

Please get in contact with our team to schedule and coordinate your visit.

Meeting your business requirements is our primary goal!


Vullnet ADEMI, CEO