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Igor Trajanovski, Deputy CEO

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Welcome to the website of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia - Invest Macedonia!

Invest Macedonia is the primary government institution which is in charge of attracting new foreign investments in the country and supporting the expansion of the foreign companies with already established operations. In addition to the investment function, Invest Macedonia is also engaged in promoting the Macedonian companies on foreign markets and supporting them in the process of increasing their exports abroad.

We are helping both foreign and Macedonian companies by creating and adding value for them with our broad knowledge and experience of the business environment and opportunities in Macedonia and other countries as well as by our close collaboration with various partner institutions and organizations.

The primary aim of Invest Macedonia is to be recognized by the companies and all other partners not only as a government institution but also as a professional and proactive service organization oriented towards meeting the requirements of the business community.

Hereby we invite you to go through our website and gather further information about the business climate and investment opportunities in Macedonia and learn more about Invest Macedonia and its services. We also stay at your disposal for providing any kind of information and assistance that you may deem relevant.

Looking forward to our cooperation.

Igor Trajanovski,Deputy CEO